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A unique alpine region, Hardangervidda National Park is Norway’s biggest national park and has the biggest high mountain plateau in Northern Europe.

Norway’s biggest national park

A unique alpine region, Hardangervidda National Park is Norway’s biggest national park. With considerable biodiversity, this area is a meeting point for species from the north, south, east and west. This plateau is home to the biggest herd of reindeer in the wild, as well as other vulnerable species such as the Arctic fox. Population numbers are limited by their access to pasture during winter. The goal of the management is stabilising the number of reindeer for the grazing resources in winter.

The national park is fantastic for hiking. There are also opportunities for fishing, hunting and berry picking. Norway’s “everyman’s right”—the freedom to roam—grants you access on foot, ski or horseback. You can spend your night in a tent or a tourist hut.

Management of the national park

Motor vehicles are generally forbidden under the Act of Motor Traffic on Uncultivated Land. Their usage is allowed for certain utility purposes in accordance with the park regulations for protection. You can find these in Norwegian on under local regulations for national parks. The gently sloping formations on the plateau consist of old seabed exposed due to ice erosion over millions of years. Remnants of the mountain can be found in Hårteigen mountain, but also below Hardangerjøkulen glacier.

The bedrock of the western plateau is rich in lime, which gives great variety to the plant life. The plants provide a good foundation for animal life. Many birds nest here, and lemming spotting adds a colourful touch to your mountain hike.