An Extraordinary


An exciting, fun, educational and unique experience for all ages!

The Centre is an exciting experience centre for Norwegian nature, climate and environment, and an authorised visitor’s centre for Hardangervidda National Park. The new exhibitions establish Norwegian Nature Centre as a state-of-the-art experience and teaching centre for natural and cultural history with a unique offering to complement what you can find in other visitor’s centres and in the outdoors.

The Centre screens a spectacular panoramic film, “Fjord Mountain Waterfall”, directed by Ivo Caprino, and has three floors of exciting, life-affirming and powerful adventures with interactive stations, rocks and minerals, fossils, models, aquariums, theme videos and illustrations. The whole exhibition across the three floors is constructed like a travel through time from 2.9 billion years ago up until today.

We want to inspire and engage

A Journey Through Magnificent Nature

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